Do you love your job? Does it show?

9 Feb

Hope you all had a fun weekend!  We spent some time down in San Diego learning more about better business practices. We attended a conference for a few days that we truly loved.

In 2015, we are committed to helping serve you better. We are committed to being B Corp.  We are committed to working harder than we ever have to protect your finances in these most volatile times.  In the coming weeks, you’ll see more about what we just learned being put into practice.

For now, it is Monday!  Have a cup of coffee and enjoy the above video.  We love what we do – helping you protect your finances.  But I think the person in the cow suit here takes the cake when it comes to really getting into what one does for a living and loving his job!

Think of this cow’s enthusiasm as you start your week!


How About That?

8 Aug

When I was a kid, I listened to baseball on the radio a lot!  But on Saturday, there was always a “Game of the Week” on tv! It was fun for me to watch this game with my dad.  The man calling the game was always Mel Allen.  Here is an example of Mel’s soothing voice.

One of his catch phrases was “How About That!?”

Was it a question? A statement? A little of both?

Why am I bringing up an old Yankee announcer? To make a very important point.  One of our favorite clients, Chuck, a rabid Yankee fan, gave me a “How About That!?” moment the other day.

He asked us if we could manage the assets for a friend of his who just inherited quite a lot of money. Over $1million.  How about that!

But instead of jumping right on it, I had a different approach. “How about the three of us go to lunch, my treat? I want your friend to know me before we jump into business right away.” Chuck appreciated the soft approach and he did mention he thought his buddy would, too.

Over the years, there has been a lot of things done by advisers that have given my profession a black eye.  So, I understand when a person might be reticent and unsure what to ask or do when trying to find a financial adviser that they can trust.

In the future, if one of your associates, friends, or family members might need the help of someone like me, instead of saying “Call Matt” maybe this ‘social’ approach might be best?  We can grab a cup of coffee or lunch, my treat, and get to know your friend socially a bit and they can determine if we’re the kind of folks they could trust with such an important aspect of their lives.

If we click socially, we can take them through our process later.  anyway, I thought I’d mention this story in case you knew of someone you had wanted to introduce to us but weren’t sure the best way to bring it up.  Have a great weekend!


Math is COOL!

30 May

YES it IS! I know you said “Nu uh!” But it is! It is very cool.  I just wish more people who understood math were…um…more cool?  Because then they’d think up more cool ways to explain how cool math is!

Like this guy! Check out this video!

So, if the 6th grade algebra teacher had taught things with cool tricks, how much more would you have paid attention?

Have a great weekend!


Very Grateful It Is Friday!

23 May

Monday, we learned about the sudden death of a long-time client. Vicki was only 55. She was healthy.  She didn’t have cancer.  She just died.

It was my first call Monday morning.  It jolted me more than any cup of coffee.  It shocked me.  I’ve been dealing with a lot of death of late. My Dad last fall, good clients and friends this year. It isn’t ever easy. But all of these people were older and had been sick and we had, I suppose, mentally prepared a bit for the news of their deaths.

But not Vicki.  Her husband if one of my review calls I often dread, to be honest.  He can be quite a stickler with me on returns, fees and generally speaking, has seemed to enjoy keeping me on my toes over the years.  So, when I called, I had already steeled myself for his tough questions.

But when he picked up, his tenor was different. Did he have a cold? His voice was not all together present.  He sounded sick or something.  “Vicki died last Thursday, Matt. I needed to let you know but I just couldn’t talk last week.”

 Some time has passed since Monday morning.  But the shock has barely worn off for me.  55! Not sick. She just didn’t wake up that Friday.  My God, what would I do if that were Sarah? How would I cope? How could life ever return to normal?

 That what is so inspirational about this man, Dan.  He is touching and helping people who are sick. Who might not expect to live.  This is amazingly heartfelt and real.  Sure, Starbucks is a big old evil corporation.  But Dan is an angel.  Keep it up, Dan. You’ve made me wonder how I can do the same.

 Enjoy your weekend folks.  I’m happy you will have one to enjoy and I’m grateful I will too!


How Can You Be Happy?

15 May
Ever heard of an Englishman named Stephen Fry?  He’s absolutely hilarious. But he’s also incredibly intelligent.  He lends his voice here to the philosophy of Humanism.  I have to admit, I loved this three minute video. I suppose it may be offensive to some who have deep faith or belief in their own religion of choice.  That is not why I’m sharing this, to offend anyone. I just liked the thoughts shared.
It does seem to me the meaning of religions often get confused and even more often, are found in the middle of our global conflicts.  Perhaps these humanistic ideas are worth considering. He’s a fascinating, brilliant man, Stephan Fry.  But his points of view do challenge the status quo. So, if you find yourself easily offended, skip this blog.

Are You Still Buying Into This Scam?

4 Apr


Word of caution, the video above has a few curse words.

Sarah and I got engaged over a year ago. What some of you don’t know is the ring I ‘gave’ her that night was only a place holder. Our dear friend Summer lent us her ring for the occasion until we could find the right one.

Today, even when folks know that diamonds are the currency of arms dealers, drug cartels and only serve to enrich a small cabal of DeBeers…the legacy of the DeBeer ad campaign to buy that sweetheart a rock you can’t afford lives on.

Just one of the many reasons I love Sarah is she doesn’t care about diamonds. She cares about love. She wanted the ring that would make her feel special. She wanted a ring that had meaning. We found that ring. Thanks to my mother’s help, I was able to locate a ring with sapphires! It does also have diamonds, but they are small.

She was ok with that as long as it didn’t go toward some ripoff jewelry scam. It did not. In fact, the ring was part of another love story and now it gets to continue on representing our own.

From the looks of that smile, I think she likes it!



Speed Kills

10 Jan

This is an impactful video, in more ways than one.

I must admit, as a young teen and new driver, I loved to speed.  Even up to my mid-30’s I felt I could handle speeding.  Quite honestly, I could.  But what I didn’t have the maturity to consider was the mistakes that could be made by others around me and how my speed would impact that situation. 

Thankfully, the good people of the California Highway Patrol figured out how to teach me that much needed lesson.  Today, I don’t speed. Not because I don’t want to. I love going fast!

But because I don’t want to pay for another ticket and insurance rate hike!  But also because my own kids have mellowed me out and added perspective.

Lately, I notice a lot of angry drivers in Sonoma County. I have a small hypothesis.  I noted that when Sarah first moved up here from Berkeley, she was constantly frustrated by “Stupid Sonoma County Sunday Drivers!”

My theory is this – Sonoma County’s roads have not kept up with population growth.  That growth is coming mainly from places like the Bay Area and LA.  Places where maniacal driving is a way of life.  Places where community is disconnected and uncaring.

Places unlike Sonoma County.  Our roads simply have no more room. But the mix of drivers used to the ways of bigger cities and the more rural driver who takes more time and doesn’t speed is creating friction.

Just yesterday we saw a man in his Prius, in the Costco parking lot screaming out his side window at the car in front of him. “Get the f*5k out of my way and park already!” But the guy in front of him wasn’t doing anything other than driving carefully in a crowded parking lot. Sarah and I both mocked him loudly from the sidewalk. “Angry guy in a Prius! Settle down you joker!” He ignored our cat calls. Had he hit a child in the parking lot, we he still think whatever he was late for was so important?

Watch this video. Share it around. And maybe slow down a bit 🙂


Be Prepared to Be Impressed!

20 Dec


Wow. Just Wow.


Being Grateful Makes You Happy

13 Dec

Do you have 15 minutes? If so, you’ll be thankful you watched this touching video about being grateful.

At MJ Everson Financial, we are grateful for so much – Our family, our friends, our clients, our health, our dogs, our home, our abundance of food, our ability to help our Santa Rosa friends, families and business owners with their financial planning and retirement planning needs, our God-given gifts of wealth and intelligence and so much more.

Most of all, we’re grateful to wake up each morning with another chance to serve.  What are you grateful for?


Violence is a Disease

4 Nov

An interesting perspective on violence from an infectious disease physician. Violence, if you had been living under a rock, is a dangerous epidemic in America. Locally, we had a 13 year old carrying a toy gun shot 7 times. He died. What a tragedy for his family and the family of that officer.

Schools are random targets of mass shootings. Workplaces. Where ever you go in America, the specter of random gun violence is around the corner. Why?

Gary Slutkin takes a look at this epidemic. Children shooting other children. Cops shooting citizens. Whatever the approach we’ve taken of late, it hasn’t been working. Behavior in America needs to change. I urge you to watch this video.

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