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Very Grateful It Is Friday!

23 May

Monday, we learned about the sudden death of a long-time client. Vicki was only 55. She was healthy.  She didn’t have cancer.  She just died.

It was my first call Monday morning.  It jolted me more than any cup of coffee.  It shocked me.  I’ve been dealing with a lot of death of late. My Dad last fall, good clients and friends this year. It isn’t ever easy. But all of these people were older and had been sick and we had, I suppose, mentally prepared a bit for the news of their deaths.

But not Vicki.  Her husband if one of my review calls I often dread, to be honest.  He can be quite a stickler with me on returns, fees and generally speaking, has seemed to enjoy keeping me on my toes over the years.  So, when I called, I had already steeled myself for his tough questions.

But when he picked up, his tenor was different. Did he have a cold? His voice was not all together present.  He sounded sick or something.  “Vicki died last Thursday, Matt. I needed to let you know but I just couldn’t talk last week.”

 Some time has passed since Monday morning.  But the shock has barely worn off for me.  55! Not sick. She just didn’t wake up that Friday.  My God, what would I do if that were Sarah? How would I cope? How could life ever return to normal?

 That what is so inspirational about this man, Dan.  He is touching and helping people who are sick. Who might not expect to live.  This is amazingly heartfelt and real.  Sure, Starbucks is a big old evil corporation.  But Dan is an angel.  Keep it up, Dan. You’ve made me wonder how I can do the same.

 Enjoy your weekend folks.  I’m happy you will have one to enjoy and I’m grateful I will too!

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