Social Media

17 Feb

Obviously, for some of our clients and readers, social media is old hat.  But I recently read where over 60% of folks over 55 are the fastest growing segments of social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Ever felt like learning more about these sites?  They can be confusing, daunting and often we hear folks fear for their privacy.  If that’s you, let me know, I’ll stop by for a few minutes some day soon and show you how the basics work.

Better yet, want to look cool for a child or grandchild? 

What if you had a child or grandchild just getting out of college or looking for work?  A great way to find work these days is via LinkedIn ‘connections’ people one knows on the social media site called LinkedIn.

We happen to have quite a lot of contacts on LinkedIn.  If you or someone you know would like to learn a bit more about the best ways to use LinkedIn, let us know. Why not set up a time with us and come by with your grandchild and we can look through our LinkedIn connections to see if there is anyone they’d like to be introduced to for help finding work?  You’d look cool and they’d potentially meet someone who can help advance their career search.


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