Boa Noite, 2014!

31 Dec
Sometime or another, someone shared with me the reason why the pace of the days, weeks, months and years feel as if they are continually accelerating.  It was something like this –
When you are 5 years old, a year is 20% of your life. When you’re 100, it is 1% of your life. It gave new meaning to the impression that every year, your time gets shorter. On the contrary, is this why we can’t remember as well as we age?
At 5 years of age, there is still so much to learn. At 85, we’ve learned so much, we have so much accrued knowledge, it becomes more and more difficult to recall a singular fact. Like the name of the Cubs third basemen in 1984 or where I put my key. I never found my damn lost key in 2014.
Despite losing my car key at minigolf, this has been a wonderfully blessed year for us. Sarah and I both stayed healthy, my back has finally healed, our children are healthy and loved.  Our family shared some very special moments together. I was also lucky enough to see Brazil play, in Brazil during this summer’s World Cup…in Brazil! Not to mention a few fun Giants games.
The company also had a wonderful year.  We want to thank you all for that. For your kindness, your trust, your introducing us to your families. Our business incorporated this year and Sarah became the boss. I just listen to her now. Seriously, it was another step toward making our company most efficient. We have a great team between us and Commonwealth and we look forward to serving you in 2015.
Not everything was peaches and cream.  We took a few lumps.  But we learned from those hiccups and received some wonderful generosity from one fellow in particular. He wouldn’t want his name here but his help won’t soon be forgotten.
I suspect 2015 will go be even more quickly. So, before this post gets too long, here are some of our resolutions for the new year.
  • We are cancelling our cable (mind if I stop by your place to watch a Giants game?) and plan to read much more.
  • Radically changing our health insurance, we can no longer support our current health insurance company who can so efficiently collect our premiums yet so chaotically refuse to pay for our medical care.
  • We also want to attempt to cut our cell phone bill in half!  We’re worried about coverage but are looking into alternatives from the Verizon/AT&T oligopoly.
  • We are each going to save $1 per week, then $2, then $3 and so on, for 52 weeks.  We want to take the savings from that idea ($2600) and the savings from health insurance, cable TV and phone, ($2600!) and go to Washington D.C.- show our kids (and us!) a little about the history of our great country.
  • We’re seeking new charities to serve.  Both Sarah and I are looking to give more time to our community in new ways.  After 12 years with Rotary, I’m looking for a different way to serve Santa Rosa this year. We’d love your ideas.
  • Lose 15 pounds. That’s just me. But we’re all committed to eating well and exercise.  We’re lucky we live in an area with so much fresh and local food.  My family is also lucky Sarah is such a tremendous gardener and cook!
We have a lot more going on in 2015.
What’s that? No bullet point for “GETTING MARRIED?” you say.
I know. Look, this isn’t just a picnic we’re talking about.  This is our wedding. At least we are finally planning it!
When are we getting married?

June 18, 2016 in NW Tahoe.

Happy New Year!!!! All the best in 2015!


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