President Obama- Good or Bad for Business?

15 Aug

Most of you know me as a moderate politically. I laugh with my friends of either the left or the right.  It is hysterical to me that if I oppose a conservative point of view, I’m a lefty commie.  If I challenge a liberal assertion, I’m Dick Cheney.

Truth be told, I find both parties woefully out of touch with the majority of Americans.  Both have their speech patterns so rehearsed that having an enlightened conversations with partisans of either party isn’t easy these days.

One thing is sure, the right has as much distaste for President Obama as the left did for his predecessor, George W. Bush. You’ll hear him blamed for everything bad in this country, from our wars, our immigration failures, our tax code and poor economy.  Funny thing is, he has little, if anything, to do with any of that stuff.

But he can set mood, he can set policy and he can do better at being a leader.  Recently, the Economist had an interview with President Obama and the topic of ‘business’ came up.

I found their take on his business record refreshing.  It was Fox News blaming him for the fact the planet spins.  It wasn’t MSNBC lamely kissing up.  It was a conservative magazine asking real questions and giving a moderate opinion.  How about that?


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