How About That?

8 Aug

When I was a kid, I listened to baseball on the radio a lot!  But on Saturday, there was always a “Game of the Week” on tv! It was fun for me to watch this game with my dad.  The man calling the game was always Mel Allen.  Here is an example of Mel’s soothing voice.

One of his catch phrases was “How About That!?”

Was it a question? A statement? A little of both?

Why am I bringing up an old Yankee announcer? To make a very important point.  One of our favorite clients, Chuck, a rabid Yankee fan, gave me a “How About That!?” moment the other day.

He asked us if we could manage the assets for a friend of his who just inherited quite a lot of money. Over $1million.  How about that!

But instead of jumping right on it, I had a different approach. “How about the three of us go to lunch, my treat? I want your friend to know me before we jump into business right away.” Chuck appreciated the soft approach and he did mention he thought his buddy would, too.

Over the years, there has been a lot of things done by advisers that have given my profession a black eye.  So, I understand when a person might be reticent and unsure what to ask or do when trying to find a financial adviser that they can trust.

In the future, if one of your associates, friends, or family members might need the help of someone like me, instead of saying “Call Matt” maybe this ‘social’ approach might be best?  We can grab a cup of coffee or lunch, my treat, and get to know your friend socially a bit and they can determine if we’re the kind of folks they could trust with such an important aspect of their lives.

If we click socially, we can take them through our process later.  anyway, I thought I’d mention this story in case you knew of someone you had wanted to introduce to us but weren’t sure the best way to bring it up.  Have a great weekend!


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