Where Are We?

6 Aug

Last week, I had the pleasure of flying back to Boston and attending a “Business Focus Forum” put on by our most amazing business partner, Commonwealth Financial Network.

It was a very quick two day trip.  But I’m happy to report that in spite of the cross-country travel, it was very well worth my journey.

Having been in this industry for well going on 19 years now, I’ve often marveled at how inappropriate and money-wasting some of these financial company junkets can be. Not so with Commonwealth.

In our nearly 5 years with Commonwealth Financial Network, we have attended over 8 of the conferences they put on and each time, I come back charged up, better ready to serve you and excited to capitalize on my new knowledge. That is certainly the case for this trip.

First, we enjoyed a one hour talk from an expert in nutrition!  Yep, food and drinks and supplements were the topic. The point being, advisers perform better when healthy in body and mind.  I couldn’t agree more!  The speaker was a Dr. Pam Smith who is full of quality information about food and exercise.  My most important take home? Get our vitamins and supplements from a “Compounding Pharmacy” so we can be sure they are 100% pharmaceutical grade supplements. If you’d like, I’m happy to share more.

Most of my time back east was spent in conference with a man who is expert in helping financial advisers grow their practice.  I’ve brought back quite a lot from Mr. Oeschli and we’re sure the tools he gave me are going to help our practice grow.

Where are we going? Growing? We actually do not plan to take on any more clients than we currently serve. Over the next few months, I’ll further define that.  But what we have slowly been doing for the past 5 years is reducing the amount of households we serve with less than $500,000 and replacing them with households that have that amount or more.

While some of you reading this may ask “I don’t have that much…am I next?” The answer is simple. If you’re still here, we like working for you and therefore have made an exception for you because you’re friendly, you value our services and advice, or you have kindly given us introductions over the years to folks who do have that sort of asset level.

Eventually, another 5 years from now, we’ll have a practice that has less than 100 families and businesses served. This is where we feel we’re most efficient in serving everyone’s needs in the best way possible.


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