One in Four Americans Nest Egg Balance = $0

29 May

This study is absolutely insane.  This is a freight train with no brakes that is running out of tracks.  One in four Americans have NO SAVINGS for retirement!

Don’t think this is an issue you have to worry about because you’re a good saver? Think again!  The obvious mindset of most Americans is that magic is in their future. Harry Potter will waive a wand and poof, they can retire.

Well, sorry to burst your dreams of Diagon Alley and Hogwarts Castle, but there is no magic in saving. Only discipline and delayed gratification.  Things many Americans are woefully short on these days.

Who will these folks turn to when they can no longer work but are still alive? Hopefully they will storm castle walls of hedge fund managers. But we know that won’t happen.  So? Who will support these grasshoppers?

The grasshoppers are hoping you Ants will bail them out of their lazy and ‘need it now, need it today’ ways.  Should be quite interesting.

If you or a spouse owns a small business in Santa Rosa or Sonoma County or if you work for one with a 401(k) plan, we might be able to help you encourage your workers to save. We can easily show you how to find savings in your budgets.  And we have no shortage of charts, white papers and such to prove to you that saving nothing results in having nothing in savings.  But you knew that, right?


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