New Music for Old People

6 May

Thanks to our great friend and client Patricia Britton, I’ve found a new way to discover new music.

It is difficult for me to discover music because I don’t spend much time on the radio dials anymore.  I don’t have a lot of friends who listen to new sounds.  My kids’ music, well, it is my kids’ music. Not much there to inspire me.

I love music of all kinds. But I’ve never been that guy who will tell you about that new hot artist. In the past, I was the one being told about that up and coming star.  So, when we’re listening to music on the iPod (see, I’m not that old) I find myself going back to my favorites likes Van Morrison, U2, Amos Lee, Jack Johnson and the like.

I like this blog because the author is highlighting music that may be worth checking out.  He calls it “New Music For Old People!”  The general idea was that Al Kooper would curate the new music releases every week and bring the best of them to the attention of “listeners of a certain age.”

I guess I’m “that certain age” these days…. Enjoy!


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