Can You More Easily Overdose on Water than on Pot?

30 Apr

That is a catchy headline, isn’t it?  I thought so too, which is why I clicked on this article from Forbes.

I find it interesting how much misinformation and mythology exists on drug use. Whether it is performance enhancing drugs or athletes or marijuana for stoners, true scientific data is sparse.  Which means bogus stories can grow to become legitimate.

It is pretty clear that marijuana and PEDs and the overuse of anything, even water apparently, can have adverse effects on people.  What isn’t as clear is if any of the PEDs or if pot can be used safely.

Even if not safe, are there moderate levels that the user can know about? We know that smoking and drinking alcohol are inherently bad in large doses. But we Americans allow these products sold by and large.  But if a multi-million dollar ballplayer wants to heal more quickly from injury, he is banned from such an idea.

We know that our system of weapon regulations is flawed.  Yet a elder who just wants to keep a meal down after a recent chemotherapy session is still forced to buy marijuana in a somewhat clandestine manner.

Isn’t all that a bit hypocritical?


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