Iron Cage of Bureaucracy

28 Apr

German philosopher Max Weber coined the term “Iron Cage” in the early 1900’s to describe an instance where bureaucracy grows too large an unwieldy.  Where the unchecked nature of the system stops serving the people it was created to serve and now only serves the interests of those within the bureaucracy.

Is that California today?

The news that Toyota is pulling up 5,000 jobs and sending them to Texas isn’t be good. The fact is, large or small, California, with intense, over-reaching regulations and law and very high taxes, is a difficult place for businesses to succeed these days.

In the annual Chief Executive magazine “Best States / Worst States” ranking that surveys CEOs for their opinions, Texas has been holding on to the No. 1 spot for a while; California seems permanently relegated to No. 50.

Why? Why do we continue to vote for such inefficient fools? There is no question the majority of fault can be laid upon the feet of the Democratic party in California.  The idea that laws and regulations can save us all form ourselves is showing quite a few holes.

But if the Dems are so bad, how is it the GOP can’t find a way to point that out constructively and make a case to be elected? probably because the GOP is worried more about their God (instead of the planet their God created), my bedroom and their extreme stances on such things that have little to do with our day to day that they actually make the Democrat morons look…good. Ugh.

Can we just push the power button and ‘power cycle’ this state? How can we restart us?

I hit upon an analogy the other day coaching my kids in lacrosse.  We do sprints at the end of each practice. No one likes sprints.  But if you play basketball, lacrosse, football, soccer – you know you need to do sprint work to be in shape.

What always happens is one or two boys aren’t giving their all.  The result, they all get to run more.  That makes the boys who were lazy the target of the boys who gave their all. It creates divisions.  So, we encourage them all to work as a team.  And with 15 boys, we can get our result.

But with the 40 State senators and 80 Assembly members, we have 100 not sprinting and only 20 who really are working their hardest.

What does a coach end up having to do when he has so many on his team not giving their all? Not pulling the rope in the same direction? He has to cut those players and remake his team. The only other solution is to walk away from coaching the team.

Toyota walked away this week.  What company is next before we Californian’s figure out that we need a new start?


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