What Do All Modern Economic Crises Have in Common?

17 Apr

Bankers.  I know, what a shocker, right?

And once again, the bankers on Wall Street, in London and around the globe are finding ways to really screw things up for the rest of us.

Sadly, not much has changed on Wall Street since they melted the world’s economy in September 2008.  Not one single major bank executive has been charged with a crime.  And every one of them learned that no matter how bad they act, our Government will bail them out.

With that, I lead you to a very informative essay from the Economist.  It looks at five historical crises and will give you quite a good deal of information about how these crises form, what tends to make them occur and how governments tend to react in the aftermath.

I only wish they’d tell me when the next one will come! Nevertheless, this is fantastic reading for history and economic buffs.


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