16 Apr

Well, many of you might agree that I am a little nuts!  But that isn’t what I meant! I mean we once again were certified as a B Corp!

What? You haven’t heard of B Corporations? The video below is a brief two minute explanation of this growing movement redefining success in business.

Being certified as a B Corp allows us to not only give lip-service to being good, but prove that our practices with employees, people in our community and around the globe qualify us as different.

Really, it is about a Triple Bottom Line. People, planets and profits.  Today, most corporations are only focused on profits.  But 950 companies from 32 countries around the globe believe like we do that profits are the sole measure of success.

B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

When Chevron makes a marketing campaign that says they care about the environment, do you believe them?  When Apple says they care about the planet yet use harmful chemicals in their iPhone production process, they are “Green Washing.”

Becoming certified by B Corp is not easy.  But it is worth it to be a part of such an excellent community of businesses.  We’re proud to help our clients in a way which does not harm others. We hope more companies will join us.



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