To Do? Or Not to Do?

9 Apr

Often times we’re asked “Should I start a 401(k) or Sep IRA for my employees?”  That question’s answer depends on the particular circumstances of a business.

We love to work with companies that want to help their employees.  Who really value them and feel that their team is a big part of their success. A well-run retirement plan can be a very good way to show your support and reward your employees.

The link here is a nice article about why an employer might consider starting a 401(k) or retirement plan.  Check it out! In my opinion the attorney who wrote this is right on in nearly every aspect.

If you own a small business in Santa Rosa or Sonoma County, you should consider speaking to us about retirement plans.  Give us a call.  Whether you have a plan or are curious about starting one, we have the right knowledge and approach to make sure you get the answers you need.


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