Are You Still Buying Into This Scam?

4 Apr


Word of caution, the video above has a few curse words.

Sarah and I got engaged over a year ago. What some of you don’t know is the ring I ‘gave’ her that night was only a place holder. Our dear friend Summer lent us her ring for the occasion until we could find the right one.

Today, even when folks know that diamonds are the currency of arms dealers, drug cartels and only serve to enrich a small cabal of DeBeers…the legacy of the DeBeer ad campaign to buy that sweetheart a rock you can’t afford lives on.

Just one of the many reasons I love Sarah is she doesn’t care about diamonds. She cares about love. She wanted the ring that would make her feel special. She wanted a ring that had meaning. We found that ring. Thanks to my mother’s help, I was able to locate a ring with sapphires! It does also have diamonds, but they are small.

She was ok with that as long as it didn’t go toward some ripoff jewelry scam. It did not. In fact, the ring was part of another love story and now it gets to continue on representing our own.

From the looks of that smile, I think she likes it!



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