Want to reach Your Goals? Make a Movie

2 Apr

No, not Star Wars. Not a Hollywood production!  This is better. Make a movie in your head.

For years, as an athlete and now as a business owner and in my personal life, too, I visualize what I want.

In a lacrosse player back in college, I spent 20 minutes before each game playing a ‘movie’ in my mind as to how I saw the game taking place.  In business and in life, I do the same now. I can assure you, it isn’t hocus pocus.  Your mind does what it is told to do.  This process helps tell the mind what you want to have it do.

There is now incontrovertible evidence that imagining a movement will stimulate the movement areas in the brain.

I found this article very interesting. If you have set yourself a goal, read this article. I think you’ll find it immensely helpful.  Try making that movie, I promise you’ll see good results.


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