How Come Our Kids Aren’t Allowed to Play?

26 Mar

“If a mother is afraid that her child might be abducted, her ironclad rule should not be Don’t talk to strangers. It should be Don’t talk to your father.”
Wow, that is quite a quote. If you have a moment, read the rest of this very interesting article. There are many reasons the mother of my kids and I are no longer married. Too many to list. But one argument that we could never find a middle on was what I felt were her over-protective ways and what she felt were my too lackadaisical ways when it came to child oversight.
For me, one of the reasons we took a loan out for a small fortune to buy a nice home in fine Rohnert Park neighborhood was so we could safely raise children there. I came to learn, too late, that there is no neighborhood in America or around the globe that could stymie her fear of child abduction.
Try as I might to reason with her using data and fact, the overwhelming majority of parents were on her side of this belief. That all must be done to shield and safe guard a child from the next Richard Allen Davis.
My thought was he was a random mutation of nature. That children have been stolen since the beginning of time. And that there was no way to prevent it entirely without robbing the child of important lessons of growing up without constant adult oversight.
However, when I’d make this assertion with other parents, I was roundly booed and the common refrain was “How would you feel if your child were raped and murdered?”
Like anyone, absolutely devastated! Letting my kid walk a half mile home from school doesn’t mean I want Jeffrey Dahmer to kidnap her.
It is interesting to me to be the in last generation of people who grew up without their life dominated by over-cautious parents. Without every chunk of my time choreographed in 50 minute blocks. I’ve wondered what this will do to today’s youth. It seems obvious to me.
Such is life in America today. Do you think this is right? Or should kids have more freedom.


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