Hate Paper Waste?

7 Mar

Do you LOVE all the mail you get each day?  Me neither.  Remember when you used to actually anticipate the mail delivery? Now, the opposite is true. Between junk mail, bills, statements and such, the mail is a drag! Unless you got a card from me 😉

But not only that, all that paper means dead trees!  Even if you recycle all your paper waste, it really only saves 20% at best of that paper material.  The rest is land fill bound…

So, what can you do to help cut down on paper waste you ask?

Well, for one, if you’re one of our clients, you can opt to go paperless with your account statements. Why? Because not only would it save trees, eliminate ink and shipping waste, it would also be more secure. Yes, more secure. With identity theft at all time highs, do you really want your important and sensitive information sitting in your mail box? For more info on going paperless, contact Sarah. She’d be happy to help.

If you live in Sonoma County, you can sign up to get your Sample Ballot for the June 3, 2014 Primary Election online.  Go to http://www.vote-sonoma-county.org and you’ll find out how you can save lots of paper waste and taxpayer dollars, too.

Have a great weekend!


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