Doing Business the Right Way

27 Feb

Today, I want to share a series of videos for you from Inc. Magazine about a company we not only serve but which inspires us to do better work.

I’ve known Scott & Matt of Indigenous Designs for many years now.  Three years ago we helped them establish their 401(k).  But they challenged me. Scott said he’d do business with me if we could pass muster with B Corp.

What the heck is B Corp?” I asked.

He only wants to do business with companies operating the right way.  I assured him we do. He said “Fine, you shouldn’t have any reason becoming a certified B Corp. then!”

We undertook the very intense B Corp. audit and it turned out our company did meet their high standards for doing business differently.  Ever since, we’ve been in love with the movement and helped it pass as law in California in 2011!

Congrats on this great press coverage, Scott & Matt!

Let’s help more companies become B Corps.

When you think of buying a product, good or service, ask the company owner about being a B Corp.

Having companies place focus on a triple bottom line, people, planet and profit, will help this world be a better place. There IS a better way to do business. It is called being a B Corp!


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