No Salt, Please

24 Feb

Down in Carlsbad last week, we saw a very ugly old power plant.  It looked like it had been shuttered for years. Until we got closer one day and realized that quite a lot of activity was happening inside. The energy company NRG was working on a desalination plant.  Their website makes it look all so clean and happy. I find it odd how they show no pictures of the ugly plant itself!  So here is one!



Got me thinking…is this a good or bad thing? Can we efficiently pull salt from water to create usable drinking and irrigating water? Some folks think so.  I happen to believe the technology is coming. Actually, the technology is here. What needs to happen is that tech gets cleaner and more efficient and less deadly to sea faring creatures.  Here is an interesting article.

If any of you have more information on this topic, I’d love to learn more!


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