What is a Life Hacker?

12 Feb

This is one of the coolest websites around. www.lifehacker.com  gives you tips and ideas on so many different things.  Today’s topic there is how to begin exercising when you’re already overweight.

This article was meaningful to me, as I struggle with chronic back pain and doing some of the sports I used to enjoy just isn’t feasible anymore.  I think it could also be meaningful to those of you out there who feel like a gym or crossfit or other new fangled program isn’t right for you.   I liked the author’s approach.

For me, it has been walking 10,000 steps a day. Most days I do not get there. But yesterday I reached 12k!  Some days are better than others. Living with a fitness pro like Sarah can be at once motivating and demotivating. In my younger days, I was a good athlete and was used to having my body do anything I wanted it to do.

Run a marathon? Sure, why not. Ride 75 miles on a bike? Ok.  Play physical games like soccer or lacrosse? Loved it! But today, I can wake up and because of the abuses I put on my body as a young fellow, sometimes I feel like a really old fellow.

But I am committed to being fit for life.  For me, it means eating better and eating less. It means finding some form of activity, walking, hiking, bike ride, etc to maintain my weight.  Seems to be working so far!


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