How to Explain a Complex Idea?

5 Feb

Our friend Lance (who also happens to be a very supportive and referring client to boot!) shared this story with me today. If you ever find yourself trying to explain a complicated topic, you’ll like it!

He told me this is how I’m able to break down complicated financial language for him. It was truly a heart-warming comment. Not trying to be mushy here. But thanks Lance, you made my day!

Several years ago, in the depth of the stock and real estate market crashes, I was deeply questioning why it is I do this work of helping people with their money.

At the time, I felt like I was just a cog in the big machine that is Wall Street. It was a depressing notion! “Is this really who I am? What we are?” I was certain that my purpose in life was not to be a link in that chain of greed.

With some real soul searching, I came to the realization that we aren’t some Wall Street foot soldier like the millions who work directly for the big banks. On the contrary,we are more like sand in the gears of their machine. Pointing out their foibles, traps and pit falls, we help, in a very small way, to reduce their profits and the harm they continuously inflict on folks. Call me Don Quixote, but I’m taking down one windmill at a time!

It was a tremendously powerful awakening for me and Sarah. It charged us both up and gave us the energy and resilience to fight through the recession, help our clients, and survive the mess that Wall Street created.

It is probably true that there has never been a more complicated time to invest, save and plan for your future. It is gratifying to hear the approach we take to help folks navigate the complications of money is helping.

If you find yourself trying to help others understand a complex situation, the article linked above would be quite helpful for you.

Thanks again Lance!  The next round of golf is on me!


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