Super Bowl Prediction

2 Feb

Most folks will actually be watching the Super Bowl today and not reading this blog.  But I figured I’d start something new this year.  Just to prove I am not, in spite of rumors to the contrary, decedent from Nostradamus…

Based on several factors, I think the Seahawks will win.

Don’t confuse that with I want the Seahawks to win, please. I don’t care who wins, really. I have friends in and from both Denver and Seattle. And I realize how painful the loss to Seattle has been for many of the 49er faithful. I’m just looking at the game objectively.

Here are my thoughts, for what they are worth (absolutely nada, don’t go to Vegas with this blog!)

  1. Marshawn Lynch is a very difficult man to tackle.
  2. Peyton Manning will have difficulty throwing and his receivers catching on a cold and windy day in the Big Apple
  3. Marshawn Lynch is a beast.
  4. Did I mention I think Denver will struggle with Marshawn Lynch?
  5. Seattle’s defense is superior to Denver’s and defense wins titles.

There ya have it. Could Denver win? Yes!  Peyton Manning is a great QB.  His team is one of the very best in the NFL, they didn’t get to NYC by fluke.

I’m no guru at football predictions. Just having some fun.  If you have a guess, put it in the comments below.

One prediction I believe is a solid lock – there will be more legal marijuana smoked in Washington and Colorado during one day than mankind has ever seen…the Stoner Bowl!

Final Score – SeaChickens 31 – Broncos 21


2 Responses to “Super Bowl Prediction”

  1. Pasquale February 2, 2014 at 11:13 am #

    Broncos 31
    Seahawks 23

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