Speed Kills

10 Jan

This is an impactful video, in more ways than one.

I must admit, as a young teen and new driver, I loved to speed.  Even up to my mid-30’s I felt I could handle speeding.  Quite honestly, I could.  But what I didn’t have the maturity to consider was the mistakes that could be made by others around me and how my speed would impact that situation. 

Thankfully, the good people of the California Highway Patrol figured out how to teach me that much needed lesson.  Today, I don’t speed. Not because I don’t want to. I love going fast!

But because I don’t want to pay for another ticket and insurance rate hike!  But also because my own kids have mellowed me out and added perspective.

Lately, I notice a lot of angry drivers in Sonoma County. I have a small hypothesis.  I noted that when Sarah first moved up here from Berkeley, she was constantly frustrated by “Stupid Sonoma County Sunday Drivers!”

My theory is this – Sonoma County’s roads have not kept up with population growth.  That growth is coming mainly from places like the Bay Area and LA.  Places where maniacal driving is a way of life.  Places where community is disconnected and uncaring.

Places unlike Sonoma County.  Our roads simply have no more room. But the mix of drivers used to the ways of bigger cities and the more rural driver who takes more time and doesn’t speed is creating friction.

Just yesterday we saw a man in his Prius, in the Costco parking lot screaming out his side window at the car in front of him. “Get the f*5k out of my way and park already!” But the guy in front of him wasn’t doing anything other than driving carefully in a crowded parking lot. Sarah and I both mocked him loudly from the sidewalk. “Angry guy in a Prius! Settle down you joker!” He ignored our cat calls. Had he hit a child in the parking lot, we he still think whatever he was late for was so important?

Watch this video. Share it around. And maybe slow down a bit 🙂


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