Allow me a little romance?

8 Nov

This day is really an important one for us. Hope you don’t mind me getting a little sappy for a blog post.   You see, on November 8, oh so many years back, I asked Sarah out on a date.

Surprisingly, she said “Yes!” We had a wonderful evening at dinner in Berkeley. We talked into the morning hours. I had no doubt she was the one for me.

Back then I was struggling to find my way in a new life. I had recently divorced.  I was focused on the well-being of my two young kids. I was way out of shape physically.

Sarah was a top flight triathlete with an amazing workout discipline. A Cal grad, she had begun a new career at a cancer non-profit.

Looking at this gorgeous lady in her mid-20’s who had her whole life in front of her, no kids, no mortgage, no struggling business – I thought “what could she possibly see in me!?”

Yes, I was surprised.

She was working a fun job in SF, I was working through a financial crisis.

She was going out with girlfriends in the city, I was going home to a quiet and lonely one bedroom studio in the country.

What could she see in me.

I’m quite thankful she saw through my struggles with life at that time. She chose to read the book as opposed to judge its cover.

I never had that tough an assignment. As you know, she is beautiful inside and out.  It wasn’t hard for me to see she was the one for me.

Sometimes I still catch myself wondering what exactly she saw in me. But no matter. I’m grateful she took a chance on me. And me on her. We make a marvelous team.



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