Why Are So Many Americans Obese?

7 Nov

Bet you think you know! I bet you think it is because they eat wrong and don’t exercise, right? Well, that is probably partly true. But this video suggest perhaps there is more to the puzzle.  This is a courageous man.

This topic means so much to so many. It is quite personal for me. My dad died of complications of diabetes. Like the surgeon in this video, there have been many times I’ve found myself judging my dad for what I perceived to be his lack of discipline or will power.

Of course, I struggle to maintain healthy weight. So does Sarah. So do my own children. So do so many Americans.

I watched this video two times. I just was so shocked by his hypothesis.  That perhaps obesity isn’t the cause of diabetes but a symptom of it. A reaction the body makes to insulin issues. Not the commonly held understanding that being fat brings adult diabetes. What if he is on to something?  Worth looking into.


One Response to “Why Are So Many Americans Obese?”

  1. Kathy Young November 7, 2013 at 11:29 am #

    Celiac disease is also high among diabetics. Just cutting out grains like wheat and rye and others can help. You don’t have to have Celiacs but just intolerant for it to be a factor.
    Like cancer, diabetes can be different in different people. We must find a cure. Health care costs would be cut by 1/3 to 1/2 across the nation . Heart, kidney, liver, amputations and more would no longer plague those suffering diabetes.

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