Once you Stop Learning, You’re Dead

6 Nov

Today, I’m flying to Scottsdale, Arizona. Not a vacation, no.  This is a learning trip.

Our partner, Commonwealth Financial, puts on an annual conference. Before you wink and say “Sure Matt, enjoy the golf” I’ll tell ya, it is work!

Do you remember those times in college or high school where you felt your brain could not hold one last ounce of information? This is typically how i feel when I return home from these Commonwealth annual conferences.

Sarah isn’t coming. She’ll b here to help you if you need while I’m gone.

I’ll be listening to speakers like famous author Guy Kawasaki or the founder of Fast Company magazine, Bill Taylor.  Surrounding these key note speakers, will be hour after hour of sessions on everything under the financial planning sun. From 8 in the morning until 6 at night, I’ll spend the next three and a half days listening, taking notes and learning.

Sure, I’ll have a nice dinner or two and probably get out by a pool at least once.  But mostly, this is an indoor few days.  But when I’m back Monday, I’ll be a better adviser for you. We’ll be a better firm.

Look for updates here and on our Facebook page!


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