Halloween on McDonald Avenue

31 Oct


Happy Halloween.  If you’re in Sonoma County, you owe it to yourself to come by the Historic McDonald Avenue neighborhood today. Come before dark, I say. hallo1o

It is tradition for the home owners on McDonald Avenue to decorate for only one day. They begin constructing their horrors in the morning and most are ready by 3 or 4pm.  Folks really begin arriving at 6pm or so. By 8pm, there are thousands and thousands.  If you don’t like crowds, come early. But come early anyway, because that’s how you can see the homes in their full decorative, spooky, glory!

hallo2This year, as they have done ever since renovations were finished, the folks in the McDonald mansion are going above and beyond! Each year is a new theme. This year is Wizard of Oz. You’ll want to see that!

We found in years past that in spite being right on the corner of 13th and McDonald, trick or treaters pass right by! They are heading to the crowds. So, instead of decorating the office like we did a few years back, we’ll just help our neighbors around the corner.

It truly is quite a unique scene in Santa Rosa. If you’ve lived here and never seen it, it is a must see. Let us know if you’ll be coming! We’d love to see you!




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