Part of an Elite Group

30 Oct

All year long, Sarah and I have been traveling to different conferences. We’ve told some of you about them. That they are designed to improve our business structure so that we can better serve you.

Sometimes, we get a wink and wry smile from a client when we why we went to Chicago, Boston or San Diego.  I think some of you thought that was our ruse to cover for our extravagant traveling lifestyle. Au contraire!

We actually were working. The program is put on by our partner, Commonwealth Financial Network and it is called Power In Practice or PIP.

To quote the article here “To be a standout advisory firm, it’s no longer enough to draw up stellar client financial plans or design winning asset allocation strategies. If a business is to thrive, it must also be at the top of its game in operations, marketing, recruiting and risk management.” That was our goal, to improve our business operations, marketing and risk management.

Joni Youngwirth

Our numbers prove the worth of this program already. We are on pace to exceed our best year ever (2011) by 10% but it is being done with much less stress and much better organization.

Recently, the brains and mojo behind this program, Joni Youngwirth, was named as one of the top “Industry Influencers” by Financial Planning magazine.

PIP is not open to just any advisor. You must be a Commonwealth partner, first and foremost. But that isn’t all. Commonwealth is very picky about who is chosen to enter the program.

It has been outstanding to learn from one of the best. It has improved our practice. It allows us to better serve you. So, that’s why we’re so happy for Joni’s amazing recognition. Way to go Joni!



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