Can’t We All Get Along?

25 Oct

Why is it so difficult to find compromise these days? Congress can’t do it. BART can’t do it. All around us, the inability to view someone else’ point of view causes all kinds of drama from debt ceilings to whose kid should be picked for an all star team.  Is it really this hard?

Merging onto the freeway, the car already on the road won’t let you in. Trying to cross at a crosswalk but the vehicles won’t yield. Riding your bike, a car buzzes too close for comfort.

A waiter at the restaurant seems bothered you can’t order off the menu. ON the other hand, some folks can’t EVER just order off the menu.

The Tea Party wants an end to all government pork. Except Medicare, which the Tea Partier dearly needs.

A labor union goes on strike to screw up an entire urban transportation system because it doesn’t want members to use email.

You can’t let you dog off leash at a park because one person in town doesn’t like dogs. Then you see the guy whose dog should NEVER be off leash with his dog off leash anyway.

At REI this year, the company ended a decades-long program of accepting returned merchandise, no questions asked. Why? Because people felt like it was ok to return items they had, and used, for many years.

At Disneyland, they have recently changed the rule of allowing a family to go to the head of a ride line if they had a disabled person with them. Why? Because people were faking disabilities to skip lines.

Folks are putting fake ‘service dog’ outfits on dogs who are not trained to serve. They take advantage of the law which states one doesn’t have to prove their dog is a service dog. Why? So they can take their dog to the store.

Why is it difficult for folks to compromise? Why is it easy for folks to compromise the well-being of others for their own gain? Why is it so easy for folks to be untruthful today? When did this become the American Way?


One Response to “Can’t We All Get Along?”

  1. Derek October 25, 2013 at 2:21 pm #

    In our society, it’s not socially acceptable to be honest because someone gets upset if you are. Everyone tries to be politically correct.
    Cities spend millions of dollars in redoing crosswalks with plastic things with bumps on them to aid blind people. I am currently using a scooter to get around since I sprained my ankle and I’ve almost crashed on those things like 10 times. Not only that, but they are really slippery when they are wet. And they redid all the sidewalks in Novato like that! So We’re spending millions of dollars for maybe 0.1% of society. I would not be surprised if some of those sidewalk crossings never see a single blind person. Meanwhile, our kids don’t have after-school programs or sports activities (that are reasonably priced) or woodshop or activities to keep our kids out of trouble.

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