I’m Back!

23 Oct

Where have the blogs been?

Some of you may have grow accustomed to my daily blog posts.  For the two of you, you’ll be glad I’m back.  For the others who occasionally came in for a read, and anyone else who cares, we’ve just needed a break for a few weeks.  Starting now, we’re back!

I thought in restarting after my hiatus, I’d explain that this blog sometimes isn’t about financial planning.  To be honest, it is often information for other aspects of life I can’t really cover in my financial plans. Sometimes it is opinions of mine, too.

It is a labor of frustration, quite often. Whether about financial topics or not, the folks at FINRA still want this blog monitored and kept tracked by compliance officers.  Why? Good question.

You would think that in a world with Bernie Madoffs, hedge fund scandals, insider and hyper trading, Wall Street machinations, improper activity galore, that FINRA would really not have time to monitor blogs about the types of topics I tend to post.  If you would think that, you’d be wrong.

But at least you’d have a slight understanding as to why these scandals continue to take place.

Frustration with regulation aside, I’m back at it now through the end of the year. Happy Blogging.


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