New York Trip

26 Sep

How can you top a trip to Boston? We tried in New York!

With a brief stop in between at the tiny hamlet of Mystic, CT, we drove down to the Big Apple last Wednesday to spend a few fun-filled days with 10 million other people.

Nothing compares to NYC.  The size, the smells, the crowds, the sounds, it is just an incredible city. One I could never live in but enjoyed visiting.

The highlight, as I wrote about earlier this week, was the Yankee game we attended. But there was so much more we did and saw.

We did the obligatory Times Square for about 10 minutes. Like Las Vegas and Los Angeles, nothing about our celebrity, consumer culture is very appealing to me. So, Times Square, with the crowds, the Naked Cowboy, and all those billboards was more disgusting than interesting to me.

Times Square

But there are many aspects of NYC that were impressive. Like the 9-11 Memorial park.  There is a “Survivor Tree” there saved from the rubble and still alive. Today it represents American strength and the ability to keep on going.  What a well made and reserved memorial to those who passed that sad day.

Central Park is something else. A pocket, a very large pocket, of green in a city of cement.  We had a wonderful lunch at the Boathouse with friends Ray and Deb, from here but out there on their Honeymoon.

Then we saw the Museum of Natural History, Little Italy, Battery Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown and so much more! You can find more pictures of our trip on our MJ Everson Financial page on facebook!Central Park


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