Preganancy – why so many rules?

23 Aug

Just a little over 12 years ago, my former wife and I were in Barcelona. It was a wonderful trip – mostly for me.  She was 5 months pregnant with Madeline and the flight over really threw her body for a loop.  She didn’t feel well at all during most of the trip. To add to her woes, she was constantly bombarded by folks in Spain, telling her “It is ok to have some coffee” or “Over here we drink some wine, you Americans are so worried!” or her worst was “Please, we have had cheeses for centuries, but our babies are still being born! have some cheese!”

She loved cheese and wine. She didn’t miss the coffee much. And she never smoked, so she didn’t have a problem not smoking at all. Being the dutiful husband, who felt more than a little guilty for having put her in this spot, I simply didn’t argue with what I thought were silly rules.  The wine I could see. But what could a little spot of cheese really do to harm a fetus? How in the world could a little coffee be so bad?

A dozen years later. it appears, like with many things, much of this American point of view on health was based on poor data. At least if you’re to believe what Emily Doster wrote in last week’s Wall Street Journal.  Have a look over some wine and cheese. let me know what you think?


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