Job Market Suck? Create Your Own!

19 Aug

This is going to be a hard post for many to swallow. I know.

Recently, I’ve heard from many folks about how hard it is to find a job.  I hope no one takes offense to my point of view here, but I’m calling bullshit.  Pardon the curse. And pardon my very harsh retort, but no way. There are jobs all over the place!

Are there well-paying jobs that don’t require 60 hours a week, have health insurance, benefits like a pension or 401(k) and lots of paid time off? We aren’t in France, you know!

The reality is staring Americans in the face daily. The old 40 hours per week, quality pay, quality time off job is gone. I wonder if it ever existed outside the public sector, anyway.  But what good is whining about the past going to do anyone?

It is true many of the jobs Americans have apparently come to think are guaranteed in some hidden part of the US Constitution are no longer available. It is true that today’s universities still tout that by getting a degree, any degree, you too can find high-paying job! But these empty promises by out of date universities still seeking to pay their over-paid professors and administrators are not serving are youth very well.

So, what’s a hard-working American to do? Well, first, learn what hard work really is.  If a Mexican or Vietnamese person can come here and make a living, why can’t our well-educated young folk? I question the work ethic of many Americans.

Aside from truly working hard, there is now a different way to work, too. And it won’t be handed to anyone. One has to go get it.

What’s nice is, with some effort and creativity, work is out there. Just not the work of yesteryear. With smart phones and the internet, anything is possible.

I can’t tell you how many young and old people I’ve urged to read this simple book in the past two years. Guess how many have? None.  Guess how many still complain to me about the job market or their current job? All of them!  Read a book? That isn’t hard? That shows me how little motivation many folks have to change.

This explains why I have so little sympathy for most folks seeking a job.  I honestly don’t know how hard they want to go for it. For some, it truly is a difficult task right now. But if they won’t bother reading a small, 200 page, $15 book, I question how badly they really want a job or want to change.

The job market in America was changed when the microprocessor was invented. It was further changed for good by the 2008 economic crisis. If Americans do not begin to recognize and admit this, than yes, WalMart is one of their few options for work.

Looking for a new career? Looking for some supplemental income in retirement? I URGE you to read Chris Guillebeau’s amazing book. It might just be the best $15 you’ve ever spent. In fact, i’d argue it is actually more valuable today than most current college degrees…



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