The Corruption Must Stop

10 Jul

Today I’d like to talk to you about a video I found very interesting. I’d love your thoughts on this topic.  For years, I’ve said that if the governments and big businesses of the world truly interested in helping calm violence and decrease poverty globally, they could do so quite easily.

All it would take is the removal of absurd profiting off such things as missiles, atrocious fees earned money laundering funds stolen money from poor country citizens and forcing huge oil and mining countries into sharing more of the wealth they pull from the ground.

Of course, I say it would be easy. But then again, it would mean an end to trillions of dollars going into the pockets of the very few. Clearly, those highly placed individuals in places like Wall Street and London banks, oil, mining and timber companies would have to agree that for the good of the whole, they should stop raping and pillaging the planet so they can have more wealth than you and I could ever imagine.

This all makes me sound like a bit of a Socialist, I’m aware.  And yes, I did read Orwell’s 1984.  But I am not a Socialist.

For example, I do not believe that is intellectually honest to state that because I don’t like the way Shell Oil and their partners in the Nigerian government have ruined an entire country that therefore I am a Socialist. That is a false choice.  Sort of like saying to a recently raped woman that because she had a few drinks and wore a miniskirt that she deserved to be raped.  That isn’t true. Just because a country has oil under its sand, it doesn’t mean that the wealth created from such a national resource should not be shared by more than a few cronies in the government.

No, there is an alternate capitalism that doesn’t have to involve subjecting the world to war and poverty and ruined environments.  It simply demands that less profits are kept by a select few and more attention is paid to what is right for the whole.  That isn’t socialism. That is humane capitalism.  And it is time we all began asking our world leaders in government and business to more closely align their interests with ours.

Please enjoy the video. I think it will be an informative 15 minutes.


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