Thanks for your Service!

26 Jun


Today, I’d like to give kudos to a good man.  Bill Rousseau!

rousseauToday is Bill’s final day to his one-year term as President of Rotary Club of Santa Rosa. Myself and fellow Rotarians will be roasting him during lunch! But he needs to know his time given was truly appreciated by his fellow Rotarians.

Many folks have no idea what Rotary is and what Rotarians do.  That is probably because Rotarians are so busy running businesses, doing charity work and raising families, that we don’t have time to talk about Rotary!  That’s too  bad, because we do a lot of good charity work in the name of peace and understanding. One thing we do is put on an annula bike race, the Giro Bello, which raises a ton of money for great causes.

Bill works full time as the Assessor/Clerk for the county of Sonoma. But he decided to add to his busy life and volunteer to be our Rotary Club’s leader for the past 12 months.


Thanks for the effort, Bill! You led our Club with energy and fairness. You are a fine example of a leader!


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