14 Jun

Something light for today!  Many of you know I spent a year abroad my junior year of college.  And some of you have heard me tell how my entitled Marin kid attitude changed forever to grateful young man.

Many things during my year abroad had me feeling grateful for being American.  Large things like the Omaha Beach cemetery with thousands of American dead forever reminding the world of our sacrifices to little things like a normal shower that doesn’t force you to cower in the corner of the tub lest you flood the entire washroom.

Watching this video made me think back to the dirt soccer fields in France. From the age of 5, I had grown up playing soccer on lush, green, natural grass fields. Usually free of potholes, save the occasional gopher, the playing surfaces I took for granted were actually a luxury most of the world cannot imagine.

Check out this amusing video.  And next time you’re walking barefoot over the grass in a public park, take a moment to be grateful.  It is the norm for us, but not something you see all over the world.




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