Introduce Us

30 May

Today I just wanted to take a short moment to thank you if you’ve introduced us to someone this year that could use our help.  Sarah and I set ourselves a goal of 10 new clients for 2013 and thanks to your introductions, we’ve reached the goal already.

Who is a good client for us? Someone with over $400,000 saved. Up to $3million saved. We sometimes help those with less or those with more, if the fit is right. Most of our clients are at or near retirement.  We help people get there and we help people during retirement.  The clients who click best with us are like the ants in Aesop’s fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper.”  Ants worked and saved to be ready for their winter.  Do you know anyone like that you could introduce us to?

So, what the heck? We’re going to shoot for the moon!  We think we can add five more.  Five more folks who are like you before the end of 2013! Can you help us?

What is in it for you? By introducing us, we save much time, money and effort to build our business. That time, money and effort is instead poured into managing our accounts.  Our goal, is by the year 2016 to have only 100 clients.  At that point, we truly will have a hard time accepting new clients and serving our current clients. So, we will limit new clients at that point. But that ideal number, if those clients are the right clients, would mean our constant focus is on you.

For more about what it means for us to be introduced to your friends, family and colleagues, have a look at this page from our newly updated website.  And thank you!  Our success is due to hard work, diligence and sacrifice  But nothing happens without you, our client. Thank you!


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