Memorial Day – a Day of Remembering

27 May

You probably know that Memorial Day was not established not as a bonus day off work for BBQs, baseball and swimming at the lake. But rather to honor soldiers who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.  In the past, it was known as Decoration Day.  It came about originally to honor the Confederate dead of the US Civil War. But after WWI, it came to honor any American soldier who has died while serving the country.

Today, it typically marks the beginning of summer. We will be closed this day in observance of the holiday.  If you have a family member who was lost at war, our hearts go out to you on this day.  Many American families have lost someone in our recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Or further back in Vietnam or Korea. World War II also was won at the cost of many American lives.  While we enjoy our day off with our friends & families, try not to forget these men and women who, through their ultimate sacrifice, allow us to enjoy living in freedom.

It is easy to let political feelings jam up the works on days like today. But this day is not about politics. It is about respecting the sacrifice of soldiers. There are others days to debate the merits of wars. Today, let’s be thankful to those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.


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