Summertime? Already?!

16 May

Summertime.  When I was a kid, it meant long days of running around hills, creeks, fields, alleys and more. Riding our bikes all over Novato, we did our best to have fun and stay out of trouble.  Thinking back on those days, boredom seemed to be our biggest issue.

Today, parents fret over camps, summer sports teams, big vacations to places like Disneyland, and of course, how to handle taking care of the kids when both parents have a job.

My mom was a stay-at-home-mom until I was 12. Most folks 40 years old and above can say that.  But today, the norm is both parents working.  It has also become a norm that children are not allowed to run around town on their own.  While crime statistics do not support such over-protection, parents today don’t allow their kids to ‘go out and play and be home by dinner’ like me and my brothers were told.

So what to do once summer rolls around and kids are out of school. This article has some good suggestions:

Do you have any ideas?


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