Dinner, Anyone?

10 Apr

We are starting the first of our second annual dinners this next week. Have you been to one? Sarah and I grill up fish, steak, chicken. We toss fresh green, organic salads.  We uncork amazing wines. Best of all, we invite our friends and clients to a bounteous table and then I try my best to get everyone engaged in a lively conversation.

All we ask of the attendees is that they leave any idealism at the front door.  That the conversation be respectful. That we listen to each other instead of ignoring each other as we formulate a rote response. That we try our best to consider another’s point of view.

Our two kids Madeline and Patrick our the serving staff.  They are learning how to work, engage adults politely, and how to earn a few bucks for a job well done.

At the end of the night, the object is our guest go home well-fed, having learned from their fellow guests and having had an enjoyable evening. Would you like to join us? Let me know!  The table is for 10.  Always.  That way, everyone can be in the conversation.  We will hold a dinner every month through October.  Always on a late Sunday afternoon.

So, space is limited. You don’t have to be a client.  You just have to bring an open mind and thoughtful conversation to the table. Of course, clients who introduce us to their friends and family move to the top of the list.  But Sarah and I do our best to cobble together what we think will be an interesting and jovial table.  Hope to see you at a dinner this year!


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