We wondered if you could introduce us to someone…

1 Mar

Hey, where did February go?  I got ripped off of two days!  Funny how that month is only 28 days most years.

That means we only have 10 months left in 2013.  We’re keeping busy at MJ Everson Financial.  Most of you have seen your accounts rebalance this year already. But some of you are still to go.

So far, we’ve added three awesome new clients in 2013!  Thank you very much to those of you who introduced us to those folks.  Our goal in 2013 is to add 10 quality new clients.  So, we’re pacing ahead of that goal but working hard to earn more of your introductions.

If you know of a friend or colleague who might be interested in honest, solid financial advice, please let us know.  We’d love to be introduced to someone you know who might need our help.


We can meet up with them however you think best – Over lunch, coffee or here in the office.  Who do you know that recently changed jobs or retired? Do you know someone recently widowed? Often times, these big changes in one’s life mean changes in finances, too.

Have a fantastic weekend! And thanks for all your introductions!


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