Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

You all know by now I’m just a mushy romantic, don’t you?  If you’ve had enough of my romance, you want to click this blog closed today. But come on, it’s Valentine’s Day! What did you expect?

Who was this Saint Valentine, anyway? I thought I’d check out this Saint of Romance, see what made him so special.

Turns out, there isn’t much on the guy. Some claim he died in Rome on February 14 a long time ago.  Some see it differently.  No one knows for sure.  Some think the day is to counter a pagan ritual named Lupercalia. Others believe women conspired to irritate their uncaring men by forcing them to purchase over-priced flowers and dinners or risk being in the dog-house for weeks.  It is hard to say.

I’m a lucky one (understatement), Sarah doesn’t even like roses!   That doesn’t mean I will forget what and who this day is for and I’ll make it special for Sarah.


What truly makes Sarah so amazing is how deeply she understands me. She knows my strengths and my weaknesses.  If I was engaged to me, and I saw my many flaws, I would probably leave me.  She has more patience and forgiveness than anyone I’ve ever met.  Getting all romantic for our engagement was truly memorable but I’ve come to see love is in the little moments.  The making of a cup of coffee.  Doing the laundry.  Dropping one’s needs to help another. Skipping a workout to pickup a kid. The little things no one has to do – but does them anyway – that’s love.

So, on this happy day, allow me to profess my love for her from the electronic hilltop of my blog.  Because of every little thing you do for me, I love you Sarah Trejo!


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