Dr. King’s Triple Bottom Line

23 Jan

Monday, we celebrated one of America’s greatest leaders, Martin Luther King, Jr.  Today, I want to share an example of a new way of doing business in America which I believe embodies the highest aspirations of Dr. King.

MJ Everson Financial Logo

Logo representing Triple Bottom Line

We have always believed in a Triple Bottom Line philosophy. It is represented in our logo, practiced in our business and striven for daily in the ways we interact with friends, family and clients. In 2009, we were certified as an official B Corporation.

I didn’t realize this until today, but Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. also professed to follow a Triple Bottom Line in life – he called it Length, Breadth and Height. Not exactly “People, Planet and Profits” but certainly from the same point of view that doing right by others will end up benefiting everyone including yourself.

I’ve linked an article from Forbes magazine written by Jay Coen Gilbert (the co-founder of http://www.bcorporation.net) where you can read the beautiful interconnected story of a few Pennsylvania companies following the triple bottom line principals of both B Corp and Dr. King. Here is the article link.

California passed law last year allowing companies to become “B Corporations.” We truly believe this is one answer to much of the abuses corporations are accused of these days.  You should seek out and do business with B Corps!  Many are local to Sonoma County. Companies such as Indigenous Designs, Guyaki Sustainable Rainforest Products, and Traditional Medicinals all have been certified B Corps for many years now.  There are hundreds of others across the USA.

Being a B Corp. corrects the focus. It removes a singular drive for profits. A company must always be profitable but in a B Corp. you don’t have to forget about the people who help generate those profits, or those in communities around the globe who are affected by the products, goods or services sold daily and ultimately it forces a company to reflect on its impact to our planet.

Dr. King’s vision and dreams have influenced so many people over the last nearly 60 years.  It is such a good feeling to be a leading part of a change in the way America does business.  Learning it has some roots in the philosophies of one my own personal heroes makes me feel even better!




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