Persuasion as the Cure for Incivility?

18 Jan

We’ve all noted the marked decline of civility in public and private discourse of late.  There are many places and things to blame for this decline.  New world stuff like Facebook and other social media.  Old fashioned media like newspapers and TV.  Politicians are deserve some blame.


Last week, I wrote “Whose Fault is this Mess in Washington, Anyway?” and placed a lot of the blame squarely on you and I.

Later that morning, as I read through my Wall Street Journal, I read this opinion piece by Father John I. Jenkins, the president of the University of Notre Dame.

His point of view is refreshing and insightful. He believes the use of ‘sincere persuasion’ is the best path away from the ugly partisan discourse we see everywhere we go today.  I’m with him!

Does his opinion ring true for you?


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