When Did You Last Take 10 Minutes to do Nothing?

16 Jan


Today, the pace of life is insane in many ways. Smart Phones, email, computers, tv, radio, texts, kids, grandkids, work, and other parts of life fight for the attention of our brain.

For 2013, I’ve decided to finally begin meditating.  I’ve read for years about how this simple but difficult idea can help one’s health and peace of mind.  People have told me how granting your mind a moments pause can be very beneficial.

When did you last take any time to do nothing? To think about nothing? Not the past, not what you need to do next.  Not work, not kids, not a lover or laundry?  Simply nothing?

As I continue to learn about meditation is it is more than simply sitting quietly.  There seems to be an amazing amount of benefit to briefly allowing your mind to pause.

Every Monday, we’ll be visiting the Pacific Zen Institute around 7pm to explore this ancient idea.  Please share your thoughts on meditation with us.  It is fascinating how many different styles and approaches there are to achieving ‘mindfulness’ and I’d be happy to receive your input.

For more on this video, click here


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