Vacation Over! 2013, Here We Come!

4 Jan

The past few weeks, we’ve been hunkered down for the holidays.  Before we could really even begin to enjoy our few days off, first Sarah, then I, then the kids all fell victim to a ruthless stomach bug.  Clearly, none of us planned for this and it left us weak and recovering as our vacation began.

Luckily, the little bacterial visitor in our guts was killed off rather quickly.  Just in time to celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday.  That kicked off a solid few weeks of eating, drinking, and seeing family we often find ourselves too busy to see.

After my dad’s gathering of family (18 in all) over Chinese food, we headed up to Lincoln, CA to visit Sarah’s paternal side of the family.  The rain had been falling steadily all week, but luckily, it didn’t make our drive unsafe and when we returned, there was no wind or rain damage to be found.  It was so nice seeing everyone.

The rain turned to frosty chill in the days before Christmas.  Christmas Eve found us over in Napa visiting Sarah’s mother and that side of her family.  Her sister, never short on entertaining stories, had us all rolling our eyes with this story or that about her youthful ways. We all pitched in cooking and enjoyed prime rib, lobster and some wonderful wines.

On Christmas day, my kids enjoyed a visit from Santa (will this be the final year they ‘believe?’) and were grateful for the gifts they found under the tree.  My daughter’s big gift was really a bunch of items all for baking cupcakes. My son found a personal-sized trampoline. perfect for each of them! Their grandfather Don truly spoiled each of them with many generous gifts.

From their home in the morning, we traveled to Kenwood where the Everson family, all 30 plus, had gathered to celebrate the day at my Aunt Lynne’s.  From 72 to 1 years old, fun was had by all.  More food, more drink! By now, we needed a day of rest!

And for the most part, that is what we’ve done since.  Lazy days. Visits with friends. Lots of catching up on reading.  Friend and client Mark Tate sent me a book I’m no hooked into, called “The Book Thief”.  Thanks Mark! We saw the film ‘Silver Lining Playbook’ and we loved it! I can thoroughly recommend both!

All in all, in spite of some illness, some very chilly nights, and lots of driving, we had a very wonderful vacation.  We’re recharged now! Our Christmas decorations are boxed up. Our house is clean and tidy again.  My desk stares at me. Inactive after nearly two weeks, it is time once again to begin work.

This will be our 12th year in business, 2013.  Aside from my massive naivety when I was first starting out, I’ve never been more excited about a new year for our practice. In the coming days here, we’ll post some about what you can expect in 2013 from MJ Everson Financial. We plan to make it a year unlike any other!  Happy New Year!


2 Responses to “Vacation Over! 2013, Here We Come!”

  1. Cathy Conover January 4, 2013 at 4:11 pm #

    Thanks for the enjoyable read. I am looking forward to what you have in store for 2013!

    • Matt Everson January 7, 2013 at 5:24 pm #

      Well, you know you’ll be a big part of it Cathy! Looking forward to lots of good times with the Conover clan!

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