Happy Birthday Dad!

21 Dec

Today my dad turns 21! Wait, no, his birthday is on the 21st. He turns 70! He’s had a tough year, this year. In fact, we’re all very happy he is with us today to celebrate.  Back in June, we weren’t so sure. But today, he is stronger and healthier than he has been in a long while.late 2010 014

Strange to think of all the things he’s seen over the years.  Born during World War II, he grew up a third generation Marin County kid.  Back then, Marin was much different.  More like Cloverdale than Beverly Hills.

My dad is old fashioned in many ways.  His handshake and word are his honor.  He has never asked for something he didn’t earn.  He loves a good game of poker or cribbage.  Back in the day, he loved his smokes, a bit of scotch or Frangelico after a nice dinner. But mostly, he was a Budweiser man.  Which suited him well, I always thought. After all, even though his given name is Charles, everyone calls him Bud. Today, he can’t really enjoy any of those vices.  But he has new, healthy endeavors like learning to walk all over again!

He enjoys the Giants and the Niners, golf, fishing and hunting, all on TV these days. More than anything, he loves to read. He also enjoys spending time with his 9 grandkids!

He has been a fantastic dad.  With the help of his wife of over 40 years, he raised his three sons to be solid citizens.  Not one of us is on welfare or in prison! Not a single one became a Dodger fan!  While my brothers and I are all quite different, we all do our best to honor his name.

Happy birthday Dad! I love ya!


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