Do I have to Blog?

26 Nov

Apparently, the answer in 2012 and going into 2013, is yes.  Apparently, I’m old at 40, to even ask such a stupid question.

So, what will I blog about? Apparently this is also a stupid question.  Do you find it interesting how rapidly technology evolves but that no matter how quickly things change, you are supposed to know how, when and what it is you’re currently ‘supposed’ to be using, doing, tweeting, what have you? I’m supposed to know what I’ll be blogging.

So, I suppose it will be all over the place.  But I’ll try to stay on topic of finance.

You won’t see me give specific advice on investments or products.  For that, we still have to be old fashioned and do it in person.

I will share other interesting links.  I will post videos.  Maybe I’ll link other blogs and articles I find interesting.  Maybe some of you have a blog you’d like me to link to?

It is all part of marketing in times of social media.  I can’t say I get it all yet.  But I can’t say this dog is too old to be taught new tricks, either!


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